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Who Needs a Conductor Anyway?

Australian pianist Simon Tedeschi teams up with a symphony orchestra for a rollercoaster ride through the great piano concertos. Now, where did we put the conductor?

What happens if there’s no conductor? Isn’t a solo pianist enough? Why can’t everyone just play how they like? (And seriously, how hard can conducting be, anyway?) Celebrated Australian pianist Simon Tedeschi actually has no idea, but with the musicians of the orchestra and some of the most famous concertos in the repertoire, he’ll put these and other questions to the test.

A captivating concert for curious minds and ears.

Suitable for ages 5+ and their families.

Highlights from…
Piano Concerto No.1
Piano Concerto No.5 (Emperor)
Piano Concerto
Piano Concerto No.2
Piano Concerto No.21 in C, K467
Rhapsody in Blue

Simon Tedeschi – Pianist and Prankster

Simon Tedeschi - Pianist & Prankster

  • Presented by Monkey Baa Theatre Company
  • Directed by Eva Di Cesare
  • Written by Simon Tedeschi, Tim McGarry & Eva Di Cesare

Join one of Australia’s most inspiring young musicians, Simon Tedeschi, as he takes the audience on a journey through his musical life from his first public performance at the age of 8 at the Sydney Opera House to the heights of Carnegie Hall.

Simon plays some of his favourite music, shares some hilarious and moving anecdotes, his cheeky unconventional practice techniques and his secrets on how to play the piano without really trying!

An unmissable show for 6 to 12 year olds

If Maths were Music, then Simon would be at the top of his class
Simon’s School report – Year 4

Duration: 45 minutes

Starring Simon Tedeschi!
Samuel Johnson – Stage Manager and Lighting Designer

Enquiries: Eva Di Cesare
Monkey Baa Theatre
Tel: +61 (0)2 8624 9341


produced for Sydney Opera House by CDP Theatre Producers

babies-promsSimon Tedeschi is trading his bowtie and tails for a powdered wig and ruffles as he tranforms into Wolfgang Amadeus for Babies Proms: Meeting Mozart

Designed specially for two- to- five-year-olds, the Babies Proms programme at Sydney Opera House has been introducing Sydney’s young ones to the performing arts for over 30 years, inspiring imaginations with a range of diverse and engaging shows.

From ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’ to large-scale, orchestral pieces, Tedeschi and his ensemble will bring Mozart’s best-loved works to life this month in a show that’s part-music, part-theatre. And who better than Tedeschi to assume the role of the influential composer? The world-famous pianist performed his first Mozart piano concerto at Sydney Opera House when he was just ten.

For his part, Tedeschi hopes his performances will plant the seeds of intellectual and artistic curiosity in his young audience. “I want to send them on a path of intellectual discovery,” he says, “not only of music but of great visual art and literature, and great theatre as well. That’s why I’m so thrilled to be doing the show.”

The pianist believes that Mozart resonates particularly deeply with kids, thanks to the combination of innocence and gravitas in his compositions. “His music has an emotional truth that children have. There’s no buffer – it just goes straight to the heart.”

Christine Dunstan Productions:
T: 02 9011 5260