Articles written by Simon Tedeschi.

A Tedeschi Musical Gallery

A journey into the mind’s eye of a performer as he performs Mussorgsky’s ‘Pictures at an Exhibition’

Beethoven and Bream

Why would a concert pianist enjoy fishing?

Sunday Magazine, October 2013

ABC Limelight Magazine – Simon pans the critics

Simon Tedeschi pans the critics.

SBS Feast Magazine – The Meaning of Food

In this piece for SBS ‘Feast’ Magazine, Simon Tedeschi explores his family’s Eastern European origins and its complex relationship with food.

ABC Limelight Magazine – Andre and me

Simon Tedeschi writes about the bane of classical musicians worldwide, Andre Rieu

A Duo of Difference

An article on the collaboration and enduring friendship between Simon Tedeschi and Jazz virtuoso Kevin Hunt

Brilliance not enough in a cultural dark age

Published in The Australian Newspaper, December 11 2012