Articles written by Simon Tedeschi.

Beethoven and Bream

Why would a concert pianist enjoy fishing?

Sunday Magazine, October 2013

ABC Limelight Magazine – Simon pans the critics

Simon Tedeschi pans the critics.

SBS Feast Magazine – The Meaning of Food

In this piece for SBS ‘Feast’ Magazine, Simon Tedeschi explores his family’s Eastern European origins and its complex relationship with food.

ABC Limelight Magazine – Andre and me

Simon Tedeschi writes about the bane of classical musicians worldwide, Andre Rieu

This ‘ere ain’t contemporary music!

In this issue of Fine Music, Simon Tedeschi touches a raw nerve – the public’s perception of contemporary classical music.

I’ve become a purist!

Simon’s article on Bach for Fine Music magazine deals with that eternal question – the piano or the harpsichord?

Why are we so addicted to comparisons?

Simon writes in Fine Music magazine about some of the most common (and infuriating!) questions he gets after a performance.

What makes a good piano?

In this issue of Fine Music Magazine, Simon Tedeschi explains what, for him, constitutes a ‘good piano’

A Duo of Difference

An article on the collaboration and enduring friendship between Simon Tedeschi and Jazz virtuoso Kevin Hunt

Knocking Nokia!

What is it about classical concerts that bring out people’s latent bronchial complaints?

Brilliance not enough in a cultural dark age

Published in The Australian Newspaper, December 11 2012